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Is It worth To Own a Car in The City? Switch to Toronto Car Rentals

Millennial in Toronto are going for Toronto car rental instead of buying a car. Owning a car is a headache for them. It turns out to be a huge cash funnel. Firstly, they need to pay for car maintenance. Secondly, they need to pay a huge insurance premium and other costs to keep the car running and functional in Canada cold. Lately, Toronto’s mayor John Tory announced the introduction of tolls on the commuter highways. Hence, owners of a car might need to pay the toll amount if they use the highway.Toronto car rental

Divided Opinions

The move to introduce tolls divided the Toronto city into two parties. One party is supporting the move and calling it as a dynamic revenue model which would reduce traffic jam. It would make streets a safer place. Another group is objecting to this move as they fear an increase in side-traffic.

Whatever might be the end-result of introducing tolls; however, a big plight would remain among the dwellers, especially for millennial. The dilemma regarding owning a car or opting for Toronto car rental. Here also the opinion is divided among the youths. Take a look at what the millennial have to say.

Jorge Loria

Jorge Loria who is married feels like owning a car is a burden. For him, paying the insurance fee and parking fees at downtown can cost a lot. Currently, he lives in a condo in Toronto’s core downtown area.Toronto car rentals

The subway station is just a 10-minute walk from his home. Also, staying nearby the bus and streetcar routes makes public transportation a good option for him. As he works close to downtown, he doesn’t drive to work.

For him, car rentals can be the best option when going for a weekend trip. Having a car share membership helps him to pay for Toronto car rental on an hourly basis.

The best thing about renting is avoiding high parking fees in downtown Toronto. Immigrants who don’t have any driving experience needs to pay high car insurance. However, the car rental price may vary depending on the season; it also depends on the type of car one is renting.

Vin Hiney

Vin who is married with one kid feels like owning a car is a far better option. He lives in a rented apartment in midtown Toronto. For him, a 15-minute walk to the streetcar is not an appropriate option. Even if he drives rarely, he just needs to pay for insurance, fuels, and maintenance.

For him, owning a car is a far better option than Toronto car rental. Owning a car offers a great level of convenience. One can hop into their car and go to any places. However, owning a car also comes with a drawback. For him, the cost of owning a car is costly. Maintenance costs can escalate. Sometimes one might need to take their car for uncalled repairs. Also, paying insurance and parking can be very hard.

For some drivers owning a car is a better option than Toronto car rental. However, the opinion is divided and one should go for an option which suits their requirement. So make an informed decision after assessing the facts. Check the best rental car for surf trips here!