Why Canadian’s are obsessed with Royal Canadian Mint coins?

The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) is the corporation that produces Canadian coins. They have produced a unique collection of coins that are rare and exquisite. What makes it more interesting is that Royal Canadian Mint coins are considered to be a far better investment when compared to other coins.

Now you might wonder how the value of a coin is decided. Well, it is decided by the demand and supply, the current state, the mintage, dates and the rarity of the currency.

royal canadian mint coins


Royal Canadian Mint coins come in various denominations like 1 cent, 5 cent, 10 cent, 25 cent, 50 cent, 1 dollar and 2 dollars. These coins have amazing designs representing the culture and history of Canada. And top all of these depictions, as Canada were once a part of the Commonwealth, the coins also have depictions of rulers like Queen Elizabeth II. This dollar coin could be worth $2500 and more.

If you are planning to become a coin collector, Royal Canadian Mint coins are a good place to start. Aside from the usual denominations mentioned earlier, there are also other special coins that you could add to your collection and feel proud of. In fact, the Royal Canadian Mint or the RCM produces coins keeping collectors and coin enthusiasts in mind.

There are many rare and unique Royal Canadian Mint coins like the 1921 50 Cent piece, the 1937 Canadian 25 Cent, the 1973 25 Cent large bust, the 1991 25 cent, Rare Canadian Victorian Quarters, 2007-2010 Olympic Quarters, Bi-Centennial coins and war-time coins. These are just a few of the most sought after coins that the RCM has produced.

Now if you are a coin collector, you might be interested in knowing where you could get all these coins that could definitely add worth to your existing coin collection.  Or maybe you might want to start your coin collection with these amazing coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. If so, you could get these coins from coin dealers from coin dealerships or you might even find them on internet sites like eBay. Also, the Royal Canadian Mint even provides packages of different types and sets of Royal Canadian Mint coins that are specially meant for collectors. You can buy these packages directly from the RCM.

Canadian coins are preferred this much mainly because they are relatively new. Canada became a country only in 1867 and therefore produces some of the world’s most tradable coins. This is one of the reasons why collecting Canadian coins is such a big hobby for coin collectors from around the world. But it is not just coin collectors who are interested in these Royal Canadian Mint coins. Investors too are interested in them due to their purity and design. That is, they are considered to be a safe investment for the future.

So if you are planning to start collecting coins or want to add more to your collection, Royal Canadian Mint coins might be a good start. Happy collecting!

Some qualities that define a Wedding Videographer

A wedding is regarded to be one of the most precious moments that cannot be missed to be captured. There are several shots that are worth a thousand words. The incredible aspects of capturing the photographs are ultimately done by the wedding videographer in Toronto, who has the skill and experience to do so. With the aid of a DSLR camera, all your moments get captured instantly. Just a look at these videos will make you rush through all your wedding memories. Before hiring a particular professional to get the incredible wedding captured behind the lenses, you should definitely be aware of the qualities first.

wedding videographer in Toronto

Terms that defines the features of a wedding videographer:

Your wedding is a special day that consists of special memories and moments. As a result, a wedding videographer in Toronto does the job for you. Thus, attributes that define the man behind your excellent shots are detailed below:

  • A videographer is considered as a professional

An individual is called a professional, who has at least more than ten years of experience. As a result, even a videographer that you hire for a wedding is an expert, who knows the tips and tricks to get some stunning portraits. Plus, they will use the best tools and camera, thereby getting the footage perfect. It is really important that you plan on hiring the experts, for the sole reason that they are aware of their work. They have adequate knowledge of videography and have captured weddings beforehand as well. Plus, they can customize and incorporate beautiful aspects, thereby making your wedding video unique!

  • It’s an investment

When hiring a videographer for your wedding, you should be aware of the fact that it is an investment. Managing your wedding budget is crucial so that you get things on point. Leaving a small amount of money for the videographer will save you from an unfortunate circumstance. Therefore, in order to concretize your wedding memory, hire a videographer who is professional and advanced in his skills at the same time. In this way, you can spend money without additional pressure.

wedding videographer in Toronto

  • A videographer comes with experience

Finally, every videographer hired for the wedding comes with experience. It is true that you can expect some wonderful moments of your wedding, captured by the professional. The experience comes from the hours spent behind the lenses, shooting and covering the couple’s wedding. Therefore, the videographer can get the video crafted from different angles, which together brings in the best memory that you will ever come across!

Hire the best videographer today!

Even if you are close to a personal wedding videographer in Toronto, it’s time that you consult and plan your shots accordingly. Even for pre-wedding shoots, think of the stunning wedding landscape that your videographer will capture for you. Truly, the video will define your best magical moments, which will turn you emotional. Therefore, if you are just weeks away from your wedding, do not just sit back and think. Hire the best videographer and capture your wedding to a grandeur experience!

5 Ideas to Improve Your Marketing Strategies with Your Website

Marketing is ever changing and deserves serious contemplation. So, if you have an digital marketing toronto agency and are looking to garner a stable profit then you need to ensure that your website is drawing in steady traffic.

However, as mentioned marketing is continually changing. Few tips that are in use today may become completely outdated with time, whereas others may yield innovative results. Thus, in order to keep up with the changing advertisement strategies, it’s best to learn the steps to incorporate new groundbreaking techniques.

This is why; this article brings to you 7 useful ideas to improve marketing techniques in accordance with your website.digital marketing in toronto

  1. Focus on Online Marketing

With the advent of technology and digital marketing, the world has increasingly turned into a smaller place. Today, with fast-paced internet connectivity and the introduction of websites the process of marketing and reaching a wide audience base is no more a tough job.

If you have an optimized website with good user interface and content, your digital marketing toronto company will be able to target a vise range of audiences.  Further, with options like GeoLocation, heat mapping, browsing patterns, etc. one can easily reach access to the needs of niche audiences and frame marketing strategies accordingly.

Additionally, to understand and improve user experience, one can easily utilize tools for tracking website traffic and SEO flaws. Improving these flaws help in formulating a steady marketing strategy that improves website visibility and garners more conversion.

  1. Become Valuable to Consumers

Your website needs to be of some value to customers. So, ensure that your website has an effective user interface, along with useful content and less load time. Additionally, with eye-pleasing graphics and good layout, your website becomes valuable to customers. This will mean more CTR’s for your site which will lead to better lead generation.

digital marketing company in toronto

  1. Actionable CTA’s

The main motive of your digital marketing toronto agency website is to generate more leads. So, this means your website needs to be like a genie that makes the customers want to invest in it the moment they enter your premises. How to achieve that? Simple! Use a call to action in everything, but be subtle.

For example, ask your audience to follow you on social media, request them to sign up for a newsletter, feature enticing purchase options or point out important PDF’s for them to download.

  1. Bolster Website Speed

You already know that the average human attention span today fell to 3s. So, imagine if your website has longer load time? The consequence is you are losing out customers instantly. Thus contact a reputed digital marketing or SEO agency to help improve website load time.

Also, make your website mobile friendly as Google considers low page load time and better mobile UI as current ranking factors on SERPs.

toronto digital company

  1. Testimonials are Important

Humans require validation and assurance, and that is no secret. So, suppose a customer visits your website, he/she will more likely invest if they find trustworthy testimonials. So, ensure that your digital marketing toronto company has good success stories to flaunt for wooing more customers.

With these 4 ideas, you can rest assured that currently, your digital marketing toronto business will garner more leads and potential customers. So, get started today!

Armored Cars – How They Protect Us?

Over the last few years, you might have noticed that the car industry has undergone a sea change. Important personalities like government officials or celebrities, etc now prefer to get their luxurious car armored. This is because of the constant threat from the volatile world. Also, modern warfare has seen a sudden gush in the use of IEDs or explosives. Often, these explosives can cause huge level of destruction to property and people. Hence, in order to remain protected, from the threats of terrorist or other radical groups, important personalities now prefer to travel in armored cars.

Armoring a car can protect the occupants from any kind of threat. Depending on the level of armoring density, it can easily provide protection from any kind of attacks like bullet or grenade attack. After all, when one gets to travel in a bullet proof or blast resistant vehicle, it can offer passengers a safe passage and protection from any high-volatile zone.armored cars

Why Armored Cars?

Opposed to a popular belief that, armored vehicles are only meant for important personalities, it is not so. Nowadays, many business organization and financial institution are using armored vehicles not only for avoiding the glaring eyes of the public, but also to transport their valuables like cash or gold from one place to another. Transporting valuables in bulletproof vehicle is always a better option as information about the valuable can be kept under wraps. The vehicles are armored in such a way that it can withstand high temperature and any kind of assault.

How Armored Vehicles Can Protect People?

Having said that armored cars can provide protection to valuables as well as occupants, one might have wondered how the vehicles can provide highest level of protection. In order to know about it, go through the rest of the blog.

Safety is the foremost priority of the vehicles so nothing great is done to change the look of the vehicle. The main aim is to ensure the safety of the passengers. So the following precaution is used.

armored car

Body and Windows

Armored vehicles are known to provide good-quality security. The raw materials that go into the making of armored vehicle makes it armored. Usually, the steel is hardened so that it can easily withstand heat. In order to harden the steel, it is usually treated with metals like chromium and nickel. This makes the door, floor, and the ceiling resistant to damage.

Apart from the body, the glass for the windows and windshield is kept bulletproof. Thick version of the glass is basically used in order to protect gun shots from .30 -.06 rifle.

Tires, Suspension and Engine

Composite run flat tire is used. This ensures that a vehicle can run a few miles even after the tire gets deflated. The suspension and engine of armored cars is properly armored so that it doesn’t catch fire.

Apart from the aforementioned factors, bumpers made of steel are used in order to push out any obstruction. Laminated glass is used for the windows so that it can withstand high temperature.

To keep it simple, armored cars can provide complete protection to the occupants and valuables from attacks. Now stay protected with an armored car. Read more about the latest grenade proof Mercedes made in Canada.